Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Grannies Send Message To City Of Conway

The Grannies are not taking things sitting down! Driving by Laurel St. this morning you can see that the Grannies have posted on their tree, tied with yarn, a sign that reads:

 They Mix With All Classes Of Society And Are Therefore The Most Dangerous"

Well, since the city "loved" the yarn so much it is very easy to see that they will just be head over heels for this sign.

That's what you get for messing with a bunch of Southern Grannies. They have effectively told the city where to stick it without even one ugly comment or loud remark. That would be completely un-Southern and un-elegant. They handled it with a simple tongue in cheek, politely worded message. 

It remains to been seen if the yarn will indeed disappear by 12 noon today.

The did take the yarn-bombing down from the light pole:

And it is back to its plain old self. It almost looked strangely lonely without its colors, but alas.

While this "War on Yarn-Bombing Grannies" is slightly chuckle inducing to some, there does lie a real serious issue at the bottom. Our city cannot pick and choose what is and is not acceptable based on their own personal preference or that of one complainer. 

This is a democracy not a dictatorship. Do not get me wrong I completely support our city leaders. I want them to be able to enforce our laws and codes and help pull us to a better future as a town. But I will not stay quiet when the use their positions of power to prey on innocent citizens, waste our time and money on ridiculous pursuits, and ignore our voices. 

I understand that no one is perfect. I am so far from perfect that its not even funny, but part of being a good citizen is standing up and holding our leaders accountable for their actions. That is part of what supporting someone entails.

Supporting someone does not mean always agreeing with them, or being a "yes man." It just mean s that if you disagree you have enough respect to stand up and make your concerns known in a non-combative, respectful, and humble way. Like the ladies and other citizens tried to do by calling the city.

But this world isn't perfect. So sometimes that doesn't work. In that case, just get your knitting needles out ladies....we're going to war.........


  1. Up here in the mountains, (WNC & East TN) several cities have "adopted" cool mascots, such as life-sized bears, pigs, panters, etc, and have placed them throughout the town. Various businesses pay to have them painted to promote their stores or lifestyles or other designs. It makes money for the town and it decorates the area. Looks like the "Grannies" have a similar idea. LEAVE 'EM ALONE!!!

  2. Grannies aren't the only ones with hooks and needles. Crocheting, knitting and other fiber arts are pursued and enjoyed by people of all ages. just saying.

  3. Really come on!!! I am all for freedom but these fishnet hooker looking stockings on the beautiful streets of Conway. I think they have the right to do whatever they like on their own property but to junk up the pubic streets of a city is not acceptable.

  4. Haha, Anonymous, like a crochet hook? I guess you must be the one citizen who doesn't like our artwork. BTW it's called fiber art, crochet, knitting or street art. A fun craft for all ages. Sorry your smile is broken.