Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Very Manly Valentines Day: What Real Men Think (And Want) On the Big Day Featuring the Guys from

So guys hate valentines day. Its not a secret, we all know it. And yet, every year, we women either: A) continue along as if this trumped up holiday is actually fun and (here's a novelty idea) meaningful to both sexes or B) Rack our brains to try to find the perfect gift for our guy and hopefully make the day just as fun for him.

But what's the truth? What do real men think of the holiday? And (especially if you're sweetheart is an extreme beard-sporting-works-with-his-hands-cars-tools-and-biscuits kind of guy) what do they really want as a gift?

This is where the guys from com in, beard aficionados and self professed all around manly men, they are gonna help comb out (terrible joke yes?) the truth about men and Valentine's Day...

*Warning: Slightly graphically honest content ahead * 

Q 1: Real men are simple creatures, and a holiday that's got so many estrogen coated facets as Valentines day has got to be dreadful, but do they really not care at all? 

A 1: I can’t say that we care too much about the holiday as a whole with the pink hearts and all the “love” being thrown around. We may however care about the woman we may be dating or married to at the time, which will ultimately result in some abstract fornication during the night… so thus our goal is primal and we do care about that.

Q 2: Men always say they don't care but how do they really feel about getting presents? If your girlfriend/wife forgot how big a deal is it? 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Will Spring EVER GET HERE?! Side Note: is Awesome

So for the second time in 2 months, the south is flipping out becasue of snow and icy temps that have schools closed and grocery stores packed like Wal-marts on Black Friday.

And its getting old. I mean c'mon! WINTER WHY YOU NO LEAVE?!!! YOU BE HERE 4 MONTHS! Its just dumb.

I don't have the wardrobe for this! My poor mother doesn't want anybody driving to the mail box, let alone to work, and sweet lord nobody can stick to a wedding diet when its potato eating weather outside! I can't keep eating all of the things!

Its like a conspiracy between Disney and the groundhog that predicts the weather. Think about it, worst winter in a while and Disney releases biggest hit in a while.....titled Frozen.  Happenstance? I think not.


Okay. Whining over.

On a completely unrelated note, is awesome. You may already know this. They have been around for awhile. But as many hours as I've spent browsing their site full of spunky vintage and vintage-inspired indie clothing and whatnot's, I've never actually purchased anything so I really couldn't vouch for their quality or service.

But then I needed shoes for engagement pictures, and I had some time for them to actually ship, so I went ahead and bought this pair of gray booties I'd been eyeing for awhile.

And viola!

I took this right after they came in, and they were perfect! A little lager than most size 8's I've worn and a little lower heel than I thought, but they made my outfit and were adorable in our pictures: